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» Anshu is the lead actress of movie ‘Crossing Bridges’ which has received National Film Award from the President of India.  
» Anshu has been featured in a popular TV Show on Discovery Channel, NDTV, TLC etc  
» Anshu has appeared in several other national, international & regional TV Channels  
» Anshu’s biographical documentary ANSHU : Everest Calling was screened on the first day of 12th ADDA Short Film Festival Guwahati & now making the rounds of film festivals nation wide.  
» National Himalayan Trekking Expedition, Arunachal Pradesh May 2009  
» Combined Adventure Course from M M I Manipur June 2009  
» Zonal Sport Climbing Coaching Camp M M T A Manipur Sept 2009  
» Basic Adventure Course from N I M Uttarkashi Oct-Nov 2009  
» Advance Mountaineering Course from H M I Darjeeling April-May 2010  
» Guest Instructor of Special Adventure Course H M I Darjeeling June 2010  
» Conducted N E Zonal Rock Climbing Competition Guwahati, Assam Oct 2010  
» Demonstration of Jummaring and Traversing at Buddha Stadium on 15th August 2010  
» Para Gliding Training Camp Aizwal, Mizoram Nov 2010  
» Conducted Youth to the Edge Training Programme for 186 NSS youths at Rupa, Feb-March 2013  
» Conducted Adventure Training Programme for 46 students & youths at AMASA Training Camp Bomdila, July 2013  
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